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About wapTV: Nigeria's family entertainment channel wapTV launched on the 1st October 2012. wapTv is set to revolutionize the viewing habits of the Nigerian family. It promises to be a fully entertaining...

SERIES Highlights this Week

Is this love EP2

Showtime: THURSDAY'S 20:00HRS

Preparations have commenced for the King's marriage to Ajoke and her parents as well as family and friends are so excited except for Ajoke and her lover (Prince Abioye). They eventually flee the village for the sake of their love but the King finds out and sends hunters in search of them. How far will these lovers run, and will Prince Abioye and Ajoke be eventually found and brought to the King? Stay tuned to get the answer to the above and also watch more exciting episodes of your favorite TV Drama series, SUPERSTORY!. don't miss super-story every Thursday 8pm

Is this love EP1

Showtime: THURSDAY'S 20:00HRS

How ajoke disobeyed the king, and the king in return punished her, by forcing her to marry him.

Saath Saath

Showtime: 21:00HRS

SAATH SAATH will be showing for the very first time on wapTV channel 116 star-times decoder time 9:00 PM. don't miss out on the telenovena... its fill with suspense and action.

This life - grape of justice

Showtime: 17:00HRS

Grapes of Justice” depicts the story of Charles and Miriam whose sudden acquisition of wealth brings suspicion, scandals and envy. But will the root of all evils destroy a family’s bonds?

Thursday 26th of May, 2016

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